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Owner Vacations To Remember

After 30 years in the travel industry and 20 as an agency owner, someone suggested I try VacationCRM when I complained of my paper trail/archaic filing system. I am very much an old dog and DO NOT like new tricks but business had grown to approximately $2M in sales per year with 15+ independant contractors so the old file folders were just not cutting it. And I needed a way to collect client credit card information without spending 15 minutes chatting every time someone called to make a payment. I contacted Steve Kelly with a million questions and he instantly helped me realize VacationCRM was the answer to my prayers. However.. old dog… new tricks. HOW would I learn all of this? Steve assured me he would be there for me every step of the way and he was! At first I only planned to utilize about 50% of the system thinking I would need or couldn’t learn the rest. Steve promised I would eventually come to learn it and love it. BOY was he right! I now use about 85% of the program and I can’t image life without it. Traveling is so much easier since I have every single thing I need right on my laptop or phone. My in-office staff can pull up a reservation in VacationCRM and tell clients everything they need to know vs. asking me or trying to decipher my chicken scratch in our old filing system. My desk is clear of paperwork and I feel like I won the lottery with this CRM. It has literally changed my life and I thank Steve and the creators often for that! Julie Lanham

Sally Black – Founder www.vacationkids.com

I HIGHLY recommend VacationCRM! Frankly I can’t imagine how we ever survived before without it. As an online host agency, it used to be such a chore managing records and sales of all our virtual ICs. Now with VacationCRM’s Dashboard it’s easy for me to have a detailed, organized view of all our operations, easily manage customer care and have a grip on all our accounting. In addition, I no longer worry about chasing down customer payment details and maintaining security. It’s the easiest and most comprehensive back office system out there.

Kim Goldstein - Journeys Inc

VacationCRM has allowed our agency to reach a new level of productivity by minimizing duplication in our process and eliminating many spreadsheets that we used to use to track our sales. The Groups tracking and reporting makes managing groups extremely simple. The VCRM Team is extremely quick in answering questions and taking suggestions for future enhancements. I can't imagine working without it now!