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Hi Mitch,

Just thought I would drop you a note to thank you for introducing me to Vacation CRM.

As you know my agency was using a well know reservation management system. Vacation CRM has out surpassed that system in so many ways. Our agents were able to grasp the simplified process of running Vacation CRM and having the ability to manage there own reservations.

You need to be commended for building a phenomenal dashboard that puts all of your trips and reservations right before your eyes - no more hunting and pecking or building reports to try to get a handle on your business,

Your group travel addition was a game changer for our agency, no more long hours of cross referencing bookings and applying them to XL sheets. Pulling our groups up with three simple clicks is an enormous time saver.

The way you made the birthdates and anniversary dates readily available on the dashboard for us to email our clients on the occasion is a major time saver. Two clicks and you're done, what normally took hours for our agency to do now literally takes seconds. Thumbs up for eliminating that time consuming task.

I personally enjoy the attached Files section of the CRM. No more holding associated documents in your computer and forgetting to send them to the client at time of departure. All associated documents are now with in the client's trip and the agents have access to this information 24/7.

Importing reservations right from the CRM from the supplier, and the ability to make your payments and push them upstream is Awesome. No more jumping from web site to web site to service our bookings.

To sum it all up: the ease of operation and simplicity of the system allows my employees who would normally be lost in other system to function as a Professional Travel agent with confidence.

Rating: ***** Five Star

Tom Smith
President / Owner
Ultra Tech Travel All Inclusive Vacations.

As an agency owner whose number one priority is efficiency, I can't tell you how much VacationCRM has helped our business. What used to be a scattered, disorganized mess of spreadsheets and email templates and calendar reminders has been consolidated into one system that produces professional invoices, tracks payments, travel dates, sets integrated reminders, ties into major wholesalers' systems, and cleans up our entire customer-facing process.

VacationCRM enables my agents to import reservations directly from a wholesaler, drastically reducing invoice data entry errors. It also eliminates the "ransom note"-looking emails we had been sending in the past (mix & match typefaces, font size, colors, etc. depending on the agent's copy/paste skills, or lack thereof). Being able to process a payment within VacationCRM cuts out an entire step (again - efficiency) and further reduces chance of error in double-entry.

I'm also now able to take real-time snapshots of our agency's production and see exactly what my agents are doing day by day, hour by hour - their sales, their revenue, the resorts and destinations they are selling, and much more, without waiting until a month-end report to be submitted. I can view invoices sent, leads received, track our documents sent, and client follow ups, all from one dashboard. And with the ability to add custom fields and search parameters, I can tailor the system to exactly how we do business. VacationCRM understands that not every agency runs exactly the same, and has the flexibility to adjust.

If I had to build a CRM system from the ground up (and I've had that on a project to-do list for a very long time), VacationCRM is exactly how I would have designed it. Kudos to you guys for knowing exactly what the agency community needs, not just what a service provider wants to create.

Steve Umstead
Berwick Travel

Thank you! Thank you! You have saved us time, which overall has helped us with production and sales.

As a young agency, I have found myself scrambling for time - and when it came to keeping track of invoicing, clients awaiting deposits, groups on spreads.. I felt like I was running what felt like miles in the same circle - Now that I am with VCRM, well I still run, but it is into the future growing our team!

Using the reservation system I had prior to VCRM was a difficult process for me, let alone my team. It was like speaking another language and I could never understand why something so easy needed to be so complicated. You have saved us time, which overall has helped us with production and sales. We are spending more time quoting than invoicing.

The dashboard in simple terms is a one stop stress reliever. I log on and BOOM, the daily tasks from payments, birthdays to agent reminders are all listed.
I can see what I am working on, what I need to do, who is traveling (for ALL of my agents) and when I see that DASH - a major sense of relief comes over me. No more lists all over the office, post-its hanging from the monitor, the desk. Now my dry erase board is filled with marketing tips - ideas and options for the future. My team now knows that we are all on the same page, we can focus on the more important things, servicing our clients with confidence.

Traveling with VCRM - HEAVEN! So you are sitting on the plane, attending an education seminar or perhaps you are on your way to a family function and you receive a payment from a client via email. You go on your phone, open VCRM, open your clients res and update the payment to the supplier, generate the invoice and you are done! Gone are the days of writing it down and completing when you are back on your computer! In other words, this software is compatible and easy. One more wonderful thing about traveling - do you have a buddy system or a team that helps you while you are traveling?

If not, a tip for you... VCRM!

The struggle with sharing the details of clients with another team member is now gone with VCRM. I can share specific details as I choose with my team, so that they can help me with the client, all by a simple click, the agents are able to share certain details giving the client the confidence that they are important to our agency, and no matter who they speak with, we know and understand their priorities and that they are NOT just another credit card number. We are able to provide and grow our client care services because we have VCRM.

From group reservation spread reports, serving the clients, understand your business and creating a plan for growth 4 letters... V.C.R.M.

This system is the number one tool, resource you should truly consider if you would like a shot a growing your business.

Dani McAnally
President/Certified Travel Consultant

Just some thoughts from a user - I have been a user of VacationCRM for about 6 months now. I am a single-agent office and I do a large amount of business both FIT and group.

VacationCRM saves me at least two hours a day of work. I literally, could not do the volume of work that I do as a single agent office without it; I tripled my business in 2014 over 2013 and I would have been in the loony bin without VacationCRM. I appreciate the ongoing improvements and the integration with tour operators.

I cannot wait for the integration with the forms on my website - that will likely save me at least another hour each day. VacationCRM is truly one of the best choices I made for my business in 2014.

I look forward to a long and prosperous partnership with this critical business tool.

Connie Riker
President/Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Specialist
Create The Moment Travel

VacationCRM has allowed our agency to reach a new level of productivity by minimizing duplication in our process and eliminating many spreadsheets that we used to use to track our sales. The Groups tracking and reporting makes managing groups extremely simple.

The VCRM Team is extremely quick in answering questions and taking suggestions for future enhancements. I can't imagine working without it now!

Kim Goldstein
Travel Consultant Specializing in Disney Destinations, Sandals & Beaches
Journeys Inc